Heroic Modernism, Atemporality, Design Fiction, Network Culture, Retrofuturism & spaceships.

For more info : http://nevolution.typepad.com/theories/2011/08/heterochronia.html

Space travel, finance and what we are calling ‘big design’ are the emerging themes this year. As well as continuing to explore digital and science-related themes — especially their social and ethical implications — students are beginning to explore how designers can get involved with large systems and contexts such as global finance and geopolitics. Some projects explore alternative financial and economic models such as investment funds driven by superstitious algorithms, and 24/7 banking ships staffed by genetically enhanced traders. A few explore more existential themes such as what it would mean if we could choose to take a one-way trip into space. Who would benefit from it, what kind of person would be sent, what would they do on the journey and would it be voluntary? Several students are reconsidering our relationship to nature, which is not what it used to be. They are looking at new uses for human reproductive capacity, new family structures arising from extended lifespans, insect colonies designed to carry out domestic chores, and new dating strategies for a world where you might fall in love with an unknown sibling due to increasing anonymous sperm donation.

(Source: di12.rca.ac.uk)