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Our 3G suit is intended for IVA, or Intra Vehicular Activity, that is, launch and re-entry, for commercial space providers both suborbital and orbital.   Basically IVA suits are a safety backup in case of an emergency loss of cabin pressure, like the oxygen masks in commercial airliners. The future commercial space industry (SpaceX, Boeing, Sierra Nevada, Virgin, Armadillo, XCOR, etc) will need these suits for the basic safety of manned flights.  Current NASA suits cost well into the millions, while our 3G is intended to retail for a small fraction of this.  

We need your help to make this new suit!  While our costs are comparatively modest, space suits are expensive.  Every little bit helps us to pay for the materials, equipment and tooling required to make high technology safety garments.

(Source: kickstarter.com)